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I am a photojournalist based in London specializing in portraiture and events photography, I studied

a BA (Hons) in Photography at the London College of Communication. Social photography has always been a way for me to understand how to transcend negative boundaries through agency,

as I believe that the personal is political. My portraits, in essence, are collaborations where the conversations leading towards the moment I begin to shoot are a means of pulling back internalized exterior perceptions of ourselves in order to find our way back to power through intimacy.

I have exhibited my work at Autograph ABP as a part of The Missing Chapter Collective, The Red Gallery, The Horse Hospital & Ditto Press with my feminist photo zine ‘Vagina Dentata’. I took part in a fellowship program with Invisible Dust, I was previously a content developer for Shades of Noir (UAL). Additionally, my work
has been published by The Independent, The Guardian, VICE, Afropunk, The Vinyl Factory, THE FACE and Dazed Digital.



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